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Build your life - by God's design

I'm a "transformation specialist."  For 17 years that term referred to 

the business my husband and I had flipping and restoring houses.  We

busied ourselves finding rundown properties and then put in the hard

work to bring them back to life.  We saw potential where most people

didn't and we put our blood, sweat and tears into the transformations.  It was good and rewarding work BUT a few years ago we felt God calling us to more.  The word "transformation" was still in the mission yet I knew it would go deeper than the interior of a house.  I was being called to the heart of people. began with me.  

God began, and has continued, to do a real work in me.  Oh yes, it's was painful but, OH YES, it was the most  cherished, renewing and freeing season I've ever lived through.  It's a season when I chose to believe God loved ME and a time when I chose to acknowledge and repent of the lies I'd believed about myself for 40+ years.  

I've come to understand that the title of unworthiness, which I carried around as my identity, was not an identity piece given to me by God.  It came directly from the pit of hell.   

God brought me on a journey of healing and learning.  He's pursued me so deeply and given me eyes to see how He's been doing so all along, even amidst all the years of battling with, and believing, the liar.  He's forgiven me for refusing to truly walk with Him because I didn't believe my worth.  He's allowed me to learn what it is to renew my mind and walk in the freedom that comes with that.

I want that for you, too.

Oh, sister.

There is freedom for you from doing life with the liar.  There is hope in the name of Jesus and in discovering who He has made you to be.

We are in such a critical time in this world and I believe, with all that I am, that the world needs YOU.  You were made with purpose!  Your life has great meaning!  You have deep value and you have great worth!  You're a gift to this world and you are SO needed!!!

It's time to rebuke the lies, have eyes to see who God made you to be, and walk in the power and strength He freely gives as you walk in your true identity.

Together, building your life - by God's design.



  • Enlifted Method Coaching levels 1 & 2

  • Identity Exchange Program

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